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Lucky Media

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Agency in North America |

Projects From: $10,000

Lucky Media
Lucky Media is a Dallas-based digital agency that creates game-changing digital solutions built for your business. Get Lucky today, the ideal choice for Laravel development!

We’re your friendly neighborhood expert, building web solutions that increase spend, up engagement, and fast-track growth, apps that pack a punch and empower users, and bespoke digital spaces that jetpack the competition out the water.

Forget out-the-box themes – we strip things back and start from scratch, picking the right tools (not ones that blow the budget) and tailoring them to take your digital presence to the next level. Your web solution needs to be super-fast, flawless, and friction-free to set your business on the path to success, not a copy/paste of what everyone else is doing.

We know that one size fails all, which is why we design and build mobile-responsive sites with your users top of mind. We create smart bespoke systems to meet your needs, maximizing the latest technologies and testing until you’re completely satisfied.

Whether you’re looking for an internal web tool with API integration or a custom SaaS app, we’re all about smooth interfaces, modern aesthetics, and a zero-tolerance policy for bugs.

We make use of the latest technologies to provide super fast website loading time, beautiful design, reliable and organized code base. Our team of developers are experts in working with modern web development frameworks such as Laravel, Statamic, React, Next.js, Node.js, Alpine.js, Vue and TailwindCSS.

Using React Native, we ensure your mobile app is accessible on all major platforms, loads like a dream, and has a code base you can count on. We test tirelessly for usability and feature performance too, so your users can focus on what matters most.

Our agency is a certified Statamic partner.

Our team comprises of experienced professionals who can assist with development while maintaining client confidentiality, making us an ideal business partner for companies primarily focused on design. Additionally, we welcome collaboration with other web and mobile development firms seeking to expand their team. Simply provide us with your project requirements, and we will ensure reliable, efficient, and professional cooperation resulting in a smooth project delivery.

Our clients are maverick minds who want to try something on in a size made just for them. Get Lucky today.

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  • Skill: Alpine
  • Skill: AWS
  • Skill: Inertia
  • Skill: Laravel
  • Skill: Livewire
  • Skill: MySQL
  • Skill: React
  • Skill: React Native
  • Skill: Tailwind CSS
  • Skill: Vue
  • Service: Embedded Team
  • Service: Custom Solutions
  • Service: Front End Development
  • Service: Back End Development
  • Service: Mobile Development
  • Service: API Development
  • Service: UI / UX Design
  • Skill: Statamic