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Company info

Agency in Europe |
Projects From: $10,000
What are our specialties:

  • Mobile application development
  • Web development
  • Product Design (UX/UI)
  • Product Management

A few things to know about our work:
  • 70% of our new partnerships come to us from referrals;
  • XLR8RMS, SaSS project valued at 1.4 million in the first investment phase;
  • Hotspotty - 2021 Helium Noble Awards - 1º place (

Over the years, Buzzvel has asserted itself in terms of precision, not only in the quality of deliveries but also in all the documentation generated before and at the end of each project, allowing each client to have a solid base of everything that has been accomplished.

Our team is chosen in a demanding and considered way given the BUZZVEL DNA. Dynamism and seeing beyond the presupposition allow us to find reliable solutions that always place our customers with a final product well above what was presented to us.

That is our course, and during these years, through the excellent feedback we have received, we are convinced that in the business we operate, we cannot limit ourselves to executing. We have to be creative; we have to be audacious but never neglect responsibility.

In order to guarantee the most immediate responses possible, our specialists are strategically located across our Globe, allowing us to act following the various existing time zones.