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Andrew Reddin - Senior Software Developer & Project Manager

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Freelance in North America |
Projects From: $10,000
Hi I'm Andrew. I'm a software developer based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. I have over 20 years of experience writing software, and have worked in a variety of industries including video games, embedded hardware, and application development. My work can be directly attributed to well over 10 million dollars in revenue for my clients.

Since 2015, my professional projects have been almost exclusively developed using PHP, Laravel, and Vue.js.I have worked with every version of Laravel since 4.2 and every version of Vue/Vuex since 1.0. This includes both building features and migrating code from one version to the next.

Things I can assist you with

- Building Laravel/Vue applications from the ground up. I build testable applications with a strong focus on engineering principles such as scalability and redundancy. I've built monolithic apps with front ends integrated directly into the codebase, Service oriented APIs that power a Vue based PWAs, and everything in between. 

- Refactoring legacy PHP code to Laravel. I have successfully migrated a few profitable, but unmaintainable PHP apps (PHP 4, < PHP 5.3) to modern standards using Laravel (and sometimes Symfony). These applications were all very different but had one thing in common: zero room for downtime. The applications needed to be rewritten one piece at a time, ensuring 100% compatibility with the original code and zero burden on the end user.  

- Temporary employee on-boarding. I can temporarily join your existing team to shore up resources during busy periods. In the past I have joined teams to maintain their legacy apps while their internal team worked on a rewrite. I've also worked with internal teams to simply help ship new features. 

- Code audits. I can take a look at your existing Laravel/Vue codebase and give you some suggestions on areas that could use improvement. This could be my opinion on how to add a new feature to your app or simply an audit of the health of your application (similar to a home inspection).

- Saving failing projects. If you have a Laravel/Vue project that has gone bad, I can help you save this project from failure. Typically this means creating a plan using an audit of the current state of your project, then executing this plan by joining (or replacing) your existing team. 

Thanks for reading my bio. Feel free to take a look at my portfolio at and if you like what you see, give me a shout.