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Projects From: $10,000
Solspace has been successfully solving complicated problems for our clients for more than 20 years. Some projects require a more customized approach than  a traditional CMS can offer.

Laravel is where our Creative Development skills really shine. We love working with Laravel because it is a flexible, adaptable development environment that allows us to fully utilize our expertise and create web-based  tools to fit your special needs. We’ve successfully used Laravel on some of our clients most complicated projects. 

We’ve built a drag-and-drop product configurator on top of Wordpress for Burl Audio that’s like nothing else in that marketplace. With the BSR HERproject, we created a Laravel framework powered Portal, where BSR administrators can manage partner accounts, enter survey data, and view reports based on those surveys all in an offline environment. And those are just a few of many examples. 

We love using Laravel to help your team and your customers get real work done on your website.