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Max Kostinevich - Senior full-stack developer

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Max Kostinevich - Senior full-stack developer

I’m solutions consultant, web-developer and author of "Building SaaS with Laravel".

What I do

I consult in the fields of eCommerce & SaaS development and business process automation.

I have extended experience building and designing custom eCommerce solutions, as well as custom web-applications and SaaS solutions.

Also, I am an expert in the development of custom Shopify apps, and offer Shopify Plus consulting.

My Experience and Past Projects

I have over 10 years of experience in eCommerce & SaaS consulting and development, and have worked with dozens of companies worldwide, including multinational companies on the Inc. 5000.

I have worked on a multitude of different projects throughout my career, so here’s a quick look at some of my favorites:

  • I developed a custom web app, integrating an existing eCommerce platform with a multi-warehousing environment, allowing for the optimization of logistics, and a decrease in overall expenses.
  • I developed a custom eCommerce store, integrating multi-language and multicurrency features for a streamlined, internationally-focused design.
  • I developed a custom Inventory Management and Analytics web app, using the Theory of Constraints (ToC) to enhance business performance, and optimize the balance of in-stock products.
  • I developed a custom web application to manage Returns and Alterations requests, integrating it directly with DHL and FedEx APIs for streamlined returns management.
  • I developed a custom API to connect a Shopify store directly to a 3rd-party fulfillment center.

Throughout my projects, my clients note that I work with high efficiency, and can provide solutions to tasks and projects that others deem "impossible."

I'm allowed to work with US based companies via B2B contract and can have significant overlap with any US timezone.

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  • Skill: Alpine
  • Skill: AWS
  • Skill: Google Cloud
  • Skill: Inertia
  • Skill: Laravel
  • Skill: Livewire
  • Skill: Nova
  • Skill: React
  • Skill: Tailwind CSS
  • Skill: Vue
  • Service: Custom Solutions
  • Service: Integrations
  • Service: Front End Development
  • Service: Back End Development
  • Service: API Development
  • Service: Virtual CTO
  • Service: System Architecture