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JAPI Media

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Freelance in Europe |

Projects From: $1,000

Looking for someone to help short- or long-term on your project? Or someone who can get you started with an idea?

Do you need someone to review the code of your other developers, to check you're on track? Or do you need a new feature quickly, and need an extra hand to assist?

Or do you need help longer term, maybe even with project management?

If you need assistance, let's have a chat.

I am a developer with extensive experience, including management on a CTO level with responsibility for millions of dollars in yearly revenue. Whether you have a pet project you want to launch, or you need another developer on your team, or you need someone to come in and take charge - I'm your guy.

Get in touch and let's have a chat about your requirements.

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  • Skill: Alpine
  • Skill: AWS
  • Skill: Laravel
  • Skill: Linux
  • Skill: Livewire
  • Skill: MySQL
  • Skill: Tailwind CSS
  • Service: Custom Solutions
  • Service: Integrations
  • Service: Managed Services
  • Service: Project Management
  • Service: Back End Development
  • Service: API Development
  • Service: Code Reviews
  • Service: Refactoring
  • Service: Rescue/Emergency
  • Service: Virtual CTO
  • Service: System Architecture