Laravel Platform API Engineer


Job Description

We're looking for a Senior PHP developer to work on Armajet's API and Platform and build CMS tools ( Our first production is a client-server multiplayer game, which heavily relies on an API server to provide meta-game functionality.

We're looking to continue expanding our platform, which will serve multiple real time multiplayer games in the future.

Core Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with backend and client engineers to help build features and solve creative problems
  • Working with the Client team on integration of the SDK and clientserver communication
  • Expand on current featureset while maintaining low-payload server transmissions
  • Create unit tests and maintain PHP codebase
  • Create tools to manage playerbase and their progress
  • Create a public API to provide external hooks for tournaments and more.
  • Maintain the data and caching layer

Required Qualifications

  • PHP7+ Master
  • Experience with AWS
  • Understanding of Laravel/Lumen
  • MySQL, master/slave setup, sharding
  • Redis Server and API
  • Deep understanding of how webservers work and how requests are routed thru
  • Able to operate on a Unix/Bash machine with your eyes closed
  • Experience with Git / Jira

Bonus Qualifications

  • Node/Websocket experience

How to apply

You can apply here:

Or send you resume directly to: [email protected]