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  • Full Time
  • Remote / Anywhere
  • Posted: Feb 27, 2017

Full Stack - Front & Backend - Laravel w/repository pattern, AngularJS 1 & 2, Sencha, Twig, HTML, CSS, UI/UX, Bootstrap 4, SAP

Neon Mobile is a Denver, CO, US based software company with offices in Denver, CO, US, Surat, Gujarat, India, and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, started in 2013. We are building a ground up smart city in Virginia, U.S. and are looking to hire multiple experienced Front End or Full Stack developers to work on our new product. This is an onsite or remote full-time position. You can also apply to work in one of our offices in the locations listed above.

We are looking for someone that understands how the tools work, not how to use the tools. Someone never satisfied with the status quo and is always pushing for more knowledge with emphasis in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Sciences, UI-UX and much more.

We are partnered with Microsoft, IBM Watson and SAP HANA, so we are working with leading-edge technologies that you can't find anywhere else. We're bringing the best-of-the best technologies together into one platform, and we have to say, it's pretty damn cool, bots, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and more.

You’ll be working directly with the company executives, development team, and architects. We’re looking for someone with the ability and interest to be both an individual contributor, bring new and better ways to improve the product, and be responsible and proud of their work. You will be joining our tight-knit team.

Development includes front-end and back-end development as well as API services. Applicants should be experienced with working remotely, translating requirements into specifications, participating in scrum meetings and working independently.

Work remotely with flexible hours: You’ll work from wherever you want and you’re free to set your daily schedule, as long as you put in the hours and you are at the meetings, we don’t mind when you do so. We have daily scrum meetings every morning that is mandatory for all staff.

Competitive salary: We offer a competitive salary based on your experience level and quality of your work.

Skills and Requirements:

What We're Looking For:

You must be able to solve problems and design algorithms. We are a very high quality product company. We are not looking for code that works. We are looking for developers with multiple technologies (listed above) that learn quickly, and can collaborate to find the best solutions and elegant approaches at a fast pace. We are constantly adding new features to our product, and everyone has to be able to think on their toes.

About you:


How to apply

You must be fluent in Laravel and Angular 1 or 2.


You must be fluent Bootstrap 4 / HTML / JSS / CSS / SASS

Do not send us an email if you are not a true full stack front-end or back-end expert.

Our email is [email protected] and submit your resume and mention any relevant projects you worked on that demonstrate the necessary skills. Would be nice if you have a git repo with sample code.

A developer test are required. So don't send me an resume if you are not qualified please!