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  • Full Time
  • Remote / Global
  • Posted: Jan 11, 2017

Growing Team Seeks Senior Developer


Seeking a talented senior-level Laravel developer to work on a variety of projects ranging from SaaS products and e-commerce sites, to building out API’s and architecting backend tools. In addition to the details outlined below, a successful candidate will have expert level understanding and experience with Object Oriented Programming, will be self motivated, have a love for learning and new technology, and will be a natural leader.

The ideal candidate will be a full-stack web application developer (talented on both frontend and backend) who has a knack for problem solving and critical thinking. We are looking for someone with experience architecting solutions and breaking business requirements down into achievable technical tasks. Experience with pair programming, code review, and developing team best practices is also important.

About Us

We are a team of industry experts who provide software engineering solutions to meet the demands of complex business problems. We solve these problems with innovative software engineering and bleeding edge technologies. We help companies get their products and services to market quickly, all while anticipating the need to scale and change as business requirements and customer needs become clear. We have a track record of professionalism, and are proud to have helped some of the largest companies in the world develop products, streamline systems, and better reach their customers. We also have our own SaaS products ( and REPOMAN.IO), and are always working on new tools and products in addition to client work.




Full-time (would also consider part-time for well qualified candidates)


Salaried. Competitive pay and benefits based on experience.


Not a hard requirement, but experience with the following would be ideal:

How to apply

Send resume and cover letter to Anastasia at

Please include a link to your portfolio or list of sites/projects you have worked on, including an explanation of responsibilities, problems solved, etc. Details are important, so please also mention your favorite innovator (past or present) in your cover letter :)